encrefloue (encrefloue) wrote,

LJ Idol Season 10: Week 1

Topic: I need the struggle to feel alive

Gin & Tonic

The first beer,
acerbic as acknowledgment,
flowed from a French tap
through the palms of British inspiration
and onto my virginal American tongue:
the first lurid release.

The first wine,
floral and fetid as fantasies,
was born on the back
of the first whiskey:
acute acupuncture in the apéritif—
French eyes sizing up an American adult,
their Gaulish tongues addressing a francophone child

The first gin & tonic,
ginchy and atonal,
is shared among Floridians
fondling each other for warmth
under a siege of soviet snowfall—
he is pierced
and she is punctured
and I am that which I am not
(Я ни знаю,
j’en sais rien),
but here,
in a nest of paintings of people watchings,
we watch each other
with blurred eyes
and turning lips
and gushing lungs
as we slay the winter
with vows over vodka.
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