encrefloue (encrefloue) wrote,

LJ Idol: Week 3

usichokoze nyuki

Please print legibly
in blue or black ink—
or better still,
download the form
and submit it electronically.
Applications rendered in cursive
will be deterred
and will delay the processing
of your request.

Please sit quietly
in this or that room—
or better still,
e-mail the need
and submit it electronically.
Petitioners rendered in person
will be deferred
and will belay the procedures
at our behest.

Please live soberly
in fear or bleak means—
or better still,
live-tweet the pain
and submit it electronically.
Citizenry rendered impeded
will be preferred
and will allay the proceeding
of all unrest.

Please die voicelessly
in debt and unknown—
and better still,
upload the will
and submit it electronically.
Humanity rendered sans purpose
will be interred
and will relay the processes
of the inquest.
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