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LJ Idol Season 11: Week 11, Topic 1 - Wild Goose Chase

Link to the song: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MjW7RRyQUCkXpiJb6

Here's my permission slip to the petting zoo
Mommy, Daddy, sign it—that's all I ask of you
I'm down to get down with a downy duck
If I can get mine in a row, then I might have some luck

You silly goose!
Look what you made me do!
My silly goose
Ain't got nothing to lose
My turtledove
Ain't you heard o' love?
My flamingo
Look out, here we go

They told me that love is for the birds
But you know I say the bird's the word
They told me, "child, don't you be absurd"
But you know I say what you never ever ever heard

My eagle
Babe you lookin' so damn regal
My heron
Betta know that I'm not sharin' you
My egret
Gonna tell you one more secret
My swallow
Go down and I will follow you

My silly goose
Baby, you're the only one I choose
My penguin
Beat the odds, got me feeling sanguine
My raven
Take the love that I've been savin'
My silly goose
Fly the coop, let your love out on the loose
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