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LJ Idol: Week 6

Disclaimer: some potentially offensive language

“If one more person comes at me with that fucking Ace of Bass bullshit, I’m fucking done.”
“Don’t patronize me, Jill.”
-nnh-! Fine, Tabs, be reasonable—”
“I’m the only fucking person here who’s being reasonable.”
GOD, you’re impossible!”
“And you’re visionless. We have to change our name.”

Ella’s hands were bleeding again. Needy little riverbeds kept opening their insistent little mouths in scarlet supplication all along the valleys between her knuckles. The flatlands beyond weren’t faring much better, the lunar flesh red from abrasion, almost tearing open along checkerboard seams. Ella kept scratching, anyway. At least one thing felt good in all this mess.

“But that’s not what the members want—”
”Those girls don’t know shit.”
“And you do?”
“Who the fuck arranges all the music for the group? You sure as hell don’t.”
“No, but I’m the one that books the gigs! I’m the one that keeps the girls happy! I’m the reason we’re still together!”
“Well congratulations Jill, you’ve done a great job at keeping the shittiest group of Bellas together.”


“Oh, please. It’s not my fault we don’t sound good. You’re the music director. You lead rehearsals. You can’t even make them tune on a major chord to save your life.”
“And you’re the one that accepted those tone-deaf bitches into the group. Just couldn’t bear breaking their little hearts, could you? You always were too much of a pushover to do what’s best for the group.”

Scratch. Scratch.

“Fuck you, Tabitha! I’ve been pulling all the weight around here for two years, and that’s on top of my classes and my internship! Not all of us have the luxury of failing every other aspect of our lives besides the Bellas!”
“Oh ho ho, that’s rich. The Bellas are nothing without me. Any fucking idiot can be an administrator. And that’s what you are, Jill. You’re the fucking man. My arrangements are what make the group worth anything at all. Without my vision, my art, we’d just be another shitty and completely idiotic collegiate a cappella group. You’re insane if you think I’m gonna let our audiences keep thinking we’re a knock-off of some stupid fucking unrealistic pandering bullshit a cappella movie.”
“So that’s how it is, Tabitha?”
“Shut up. I don’t care. I’m the man, like you said. And as the man, I say you’re out.”


“You’re done. Go.”
“You can’t do that.”
“Yes I can. Check the bylaws.”
“...fuck you, Jill.”
“Fuck you, Tabitha.”
“Or don’t fuck you, because no one ever does.”
“So, fine. Okay. Okay, fine. Yeah, y’know, yeah, this is gonna be good. I’ve been meaning to start my own group. Or go solo. Yeah. Fuck the Bellas, fuck the school, and mostly, fuck you, Jill. Ovary Punch is going to blow people away.”
“...Ovary Punch.”
“Yeah, Ovary Punch. My next project.”
“You’re the worst cliché of a dyke.”
“And you’re the shittiest fucking excuse of a human being I ever saw. Goodbye, Jill. Come on, Ella, we’re leaving. ………Ella? I said let’s go.”
“Ella, love?”
“Ella, are you okay?”
“Tabs, why isn’t she talking? Why isn’t she moving?”
“I...I don’t know.”
“I...oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck”
“Tabs, come on, we need to take her somewhere!”
“I...yeah, yeah, okay.”


“Welcome to The Bellas Auditions!”
“Oh, uh, ha! Thanks, Jillie!”
“Hey, come on, Ella! This is supposed to be a professional audition. Act like you don’t know me!”
“Hey, Jill! You told me your friend had pipes, but you never told me she was so fucking hot!”
“Oy, keep it in your pants, Tabs. Ella’s too shy for you. She’s a proper lady!”
“Hahahaha! So, what are ya gonna sing for us today, gorgeous?”
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