encrefloue (encrefloue) wrote,

LJ Idol: Week 7

The Bookbinder's Psalm

And lo,
here is the couplet
that martyred me,
that I harrowed with tepid fingerprints
as though I could force
the tooth of the parchment
to draw blood and conclusions
from such a misnomer
of skin and identity,
from such a one as I—

as though I could darn
the ink and inklings of cognition
with the probing spindles of humanity.

And lo,
here is the refrain
that sainted me,
that I hallowed with leather vertebrae
as though I could birth
the babe of the feckless
to bear light and witnesses
for such a mystery
of thought and veracity,
for such a one as I—

as though I could forge
the man and manners of conception
with the prostrate spineless of humanity.
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