encrefloue (encrefloue) wrote,

LJ Idol: Week 10


The malady melody
is a rather stilted one
and reeks
of jilted fingers
and turmeric
by the lungful
into chasms of putrid flesh.
It sings as though it is as honest as the orca
yet is as vague as the poet
and as ineluctable and unelectable as the politician.
It coaxes you with familiarity
and dares to hum
      your first name
and dares to hum
      your last name
and dares to hum
      your last words
to all the callous passersby
who are only interested in your story for syndication.

It will never love you enough to know your middle name.
It is known to savage the thrushes out of spite.

malarious malodorous melodious

It is airborne,
shunning its last sanctuary—
that girl with the rosaceous eyes and the yellowed fingertips—
vaulting and surging through the trade winds,
rupturing the docile airways,
leaving a patchwork of crimson fireworks
bursting from one choral orifice to the next
piu mosso, agitato
on its
                          melismatic descent
onto imperfect structures of flesh and loneliness.

Truly it is the loneliness that makes us so receptive.

Should it find you,
it will embrace you in a squall
of visceral purples
and volatile preludes
and violin promises
as it plunders you
da capo al fine
in a
pas de deux
aux pas du diable.

But fear not—
fear not the rosaceous eyes
nor the yellowed fingertips
nor the visceral purples
nor the crimson fireworks—

for I shall grant you sanctuary.
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