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LJ Idol: Week 14

Disclaimer: I am definitely not a pianist/keyboardist. I recorded a much better take directly after this one, but my recording set-up started glitching :(

Topic: Saudade

Under the Bell Jar

You were never the one to come undone
under the bell jar
You were never sick like your mother's son
so how has it come this far?
You were never Emily Dickinson
so what made you think you are?

You were never tethered, you lived unfettered
our little social butterfly
You never shared my misgivings, you were freely living
You danced through the winter nights
Were you too empathic for this world of plastic?
Did you look too deep inside?

Oh my dear
if none of this is clear to you
it's 'cause all of this is fear to me
of what I see and what I hear
Oh my friend
this cannot be the end of you
how much did you pretend for me and family?
Just don't surrender
Your brother loves you

You're so far away

What did they do to you?
What did he do to you?
What did she do to you?
What did I do to you?

It should've been me
under the bell jar

Oh my dear
if none of this is clear to you
just know that I am here for you
to see you through year after year
Oh my friend
this will not be the end of you
I've got some strength to lend to you
just tell me please, what do you need?
Oh sister
why are you such a blur
of everything you were
and of everything you wanted to be?
Oh my love
look at the stars above
and feel the earth below you
it's wonderful
don't let it go

Your brother loves you
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