encrefloue (encrefloue) wrote,

LJ Idol Season 10: Week 2

Topic: That One Friend

Kismet soul,
I’ve never had you long enough.

Many the years
where I cursed your guise
while stitching your shadow
into my mythos.

Kindred light,
I had not yet learned
to feel your trace
in the humble passersby
that glancingly broke my stride
by matching my gait—

as when you were
the hibernal maiden,
beauty and strength
flashing in stolid gestures
gripping truths,

as when you were
the island daughter,
precision and poise
undulating through the current,
breaking, crestfallen, tidal,

as when you were
the haloed boy,
mirth and mischief
slaking my thirst
for the warmth of the sun,

as when you were
the stricken one,
neurosis and reflection
shattering happily
alongside me—

forgive my pride;
I had not yet learned to see you.

Kinfolk wind,
for too long
have you molded
to my needs
without reciprocity.
I too
shall bend beyond this frame
shall dance between the bones
shall fly beside your hearts
humming the tune
you never knew you’d need.

Kindling love,
I too
can be stitched
to mend your holes.
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