encrefloue (encrefloue) wrote,

LJ Idol Season 10: Week 7

Topic: Where I'm From

I am from nowhere.
I am from no where.

I am from that womb
Against which I never fought
Whose walls I stretched
Neither by fist nor foot

I am from that first thought
Gauzy yet tenacious
Abreast the zephyrs
No land
Just a queer movement of moments
Malaise at the bottom of the drain
—Is it over?
—Is it over?
—Is it over?

I am from that first crisis
The dawn of first grade
50 pounds
Sad eyes looking plainly in a mirror
—Why was I born me?
The dawn of first truth
—I will never be happy.


I am from that absence
Of my father
His language
His culture
The legacy of voyagers
Uprooted at my feet
Their song
Trilling vowel to consonant
To vowel to consonant to vowel
Rotting in my mouth

I am from those deaths
In the water
My sister the savior
My sister the slayer
My sister the sine wave

I am from that sense
Of self
A rogue idea
Cast into bone
Flung into flesh
A certainty of nothing
Save self
A refusal to die
Despite the desire
A meager vessel
Seething with purpose
With no vision of it
Cleaving the orbits of ions
In a lyric spasm
That juts past the fulcrum
Of the vertebrae
Of the crust

I am from that fall

I from that lack of verbs
I that lack prepositions
That lack a subject
Lack syntax that

I am from nowhere.
I am from no where.
I am from now here.

From where am I?
I am from where
From where I am
Where I am from.
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