encrefloue (encrefloue) wrote,

LJ Idol Season 10: Second Chance, Topic 1

prompt: Not Throwing Away My Shot


Now that you’re here
Let me bend your ear
You know I’m no good at this
Well, what I mean to say is

So baby
You’re off to Hawaii
Don’t deny we had something good
Someday be sure to tell me why we
Never had all that we could

I don’t mean to spoil your day
So many happy things are waiting on your way
I know I don’t have the right
Just let me call you this tonight

My baby
You’re off to Hawaii
As goodbye we could speak our hearts
Some way before you go just try me
Does it have to mean we part?

All of the waterfalls
Won’t follow where you fall the way that I do
And all of the ocean shores
Won’t show emotion on your search for the truth
All of the sea breezes
Won’t ease the wanting of your wandering dreams
So it seems

You’re off to Hawaii
How could I be such a fool
Such an indulgent fantasy
No way we could have been blithely
Hand in hand in love at sea

So baby
You’re off to Hawaii
Know that I believe that you’re
The closest thing to love I’ve known
Don’t hate me
Let your thoughts pass by me
Let the tide take you to home
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