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LJ Idol Season 10: Second Chance, Topic 3

Topic: Getting to Carnegie Hall

Fellow I’d done seen you goin’ up and round this here corner
Richie Rich you caught that itch best be givin’ me that there dollar
Hey man why stand there
Starin’ like you care for once in yer life
No sir just go sir
You can’t fool me like you can yer wife
Big man big shoes struttin’ down the avenue

Brother ain’t no other busker see through you the way I do
Yer the saint can’t none complain ‘cept all them boys dead thanks to you
Hey Drew what say you
To them hungry kids whose fathers died
Hey friend let’s pretend
Yer hands are clean though the blood done dried
Big man big shoes struttin’ down the avenue

Mister I’d done lost my sister in them waters rising high
Damned dam broke watched my ma choke
Guess yer steel ain’t worth yer pride
Carnegie, you gotta job fer me
Hear yer buildin’ us all a fancy hall
Good call, I’ll sing fer y’all
Let the country see yer legacy
Small man small shoes
The Big Man’ll come fer you

The above is a woefully under-researched piece of historical fiction, crafted with an un-checked artistic license. It is based on some actual events that transpired but with no claims of approaching authenticity or accuracy. Take it with heaping spoonfuls of salt. Also, the affected accent is in no way meant to offend.
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