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LJ Idol Season 10: Week 15

Topic: Patchwork Heart

She left,
her small limbs
stiff with purpose,
while there was still enough water in the air
to moisten the back of your eyeballs
with a hefty inhale through the nostrils.

She managed to vanquish the screen door
towering over her
jeering in front of her
through some indignant scuffle
and plodded
with stiff limbs
into the vacant lot beside us—
heels sinking momentarily
in patches of soft mud,
toes hooking and catching
wet and gnarled
clumps of ragweed.

She marched until
her heels found the right mud
and she hurled the rest of her edges
into the shapelessness—
with her knees
and hips
sinking in,
she took to thrusting
the heels
of her palms
into the mire:
stiff to soft
swift to slop
thuck thuck thuck.

At length,
she found the right thuck
and clutched
the right lump of runny earth
and with a stiff lego hand
took to clapping
the lump she clutched:
fast to fist
slap to sift
clup clup clup.

She rose abruptly
from her makeshift atelier,
evidently satisfied
with the shift she’d made,
and with that shift
caged in curled fingers,
she plodded
with stiff limbs
to the pothole down the street.
Hips and knees dropped
as she tussled
with a traffic cone
next to the pothole,
lifting its base
and depositing
the shift beneath it.

Plump footfalls
beat their way
past the damned screen door
and back onto the porch
where she looked me in the eyes,
her own as serious
as mom's death,
and said,

“don’t touch.”

The next day
was hot as hell
and a hefty inhale
would scratch the back of your eyeballs.
Thudding footsteps on the tile:
she cornered me
in the kitchen,
looked me in the eyes,
thrust a cage of curled fingers up to me
and coughed.
Softly, I unfurled the bars
and took the shift from her.
An odd, brittle ball of dried mud.

“What’s this?”

“My heart. You better be nice to it.”
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