encrefloue (encrefloue) wrote,

LJ Idol Season 10: Week 16

Topic: Thunderclap

A wilting mother
Once told her curious son
A worrisome tale

Of how a pure heart
Could receive the sky’s blessing:
A wish from the gods.

When her last breath left,
The child followed it swiftly,
Racing through the reeds,

Forging the river,
Crushing sakura petals
On the mountain’s face,

Up to the zenith
Where the breath floated skyward
Beyond the boy’s reach.

With nary a pause,
The youth leapt from the apex,
Arms stretching fully,

And before falling
Managed to clutch not the breath
But the swollen moon.

A blanket of clouds
Blocked the sight of the sky’s wound
While the boy tumbled—

The sky wept with pain
And shrieked with terrible wrath,
Unleashing a bolt

Of white agony,
Smiting the plummeting child
That fell back to Earth.

With staggering breath,
He lay at the mountain base,
But held close the moon.

A fog covered him
As the sky drew near and wailed—
Return what is mine.

In sputtering chunks,
The boy spoke before dying—
You must do the same.


When the sun arose,
A bird’s song was on the wind
Through the dancing trees.

His eyes fluttered wide
With a kiss upon his cheek—
Good morning my love.
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