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LJ Idol Season 10: Week 20 - Open Topic

If we are faggots,
it’s because our lungs burn on the inhale:
the winds of change
fanning the fires of revolution,
catching from one blistering soul
to the next,
from one smoldering furnace
to the next,
until our truth obliterates the darkness
and illuminates the forlorn sky.

You’re damned right we’re flaming.

If we are dykes,
it’s because our shoulders hold the floodgates:
the perfect storm of misogyny
battering against our backs,
an uproarious downpour
threatening to drown us--
How dare we not be your mother?
How dare we not be your wife?
How dare we not be your sex toy?
How dare we exist as individuals
and not as characters in your story?

Beauty is in the eye of the storm.

If we are queer,
it’s because
we are far more extra than ordinary,
biologically bi,
transcendently trans,
a Pangaea of pan,
flexible, fluid,
not bound by a binary,
allies to one and all,
asymmetrical demigods,
royal as queens,
magical as faeries,
lovely as pansies
and fierce as Amazons.

If we are proud,
it’s because we are alive.

If we are proud,
it’s because love is alive.

If we are gay,
it’s because we are happy.
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